Ratchet Beam Shackle

Dawson Ratchet Beam Shackles are designed with special aim at safety

The Ratchet Beam Shackles enables steel beams to be lifted into position –           and when held securely to be remotely released

Safe lifting gear for contractors

Ratchet Release Beam Shackle

Nor-Trade offers Lifting and Handling Equipment for many purposes and with special emphasis on safety. In addition to Ratchet Beam Shackles:

Ratchet Release Shackles

Steel Handling Shoes

Chain Clamps

Pipe Lifting Shoes

Ground Release Shackles

Hydraulic 100 t Shackles

Lifting Gear-Lifting Shoes-Lifting Shackles

Ratchet Beam Shackle



Beam handling sizes

The shackles can handle beams from: 406 x 178 x 74 mm to 127 x 76 x 13 mm

Please note the picture above too.

All Beam Shackles are delivered with bow shackle.


Safe Working Loads (SWL)

        • SWL of Beam Shackle 3.0 tonnes
        • SWL of Bow Shackle 4.75 tonnes

Beam Shackle on Steel Beam


Video: Ratchet Beam Shackle