Steel Handling Shoe

Dawson Steel Handling Shoe

For lift and handling sheet piles and steel profiles

Effective and time saving lifting gear

We offer Lifting and Handling Equipment for many purposes and with special emphasis on safety. In addition to Steel Handling Shoes:

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Dawson Steel Handling Shoes


The steel Handling Shoes – often called Pile Lifting shoes – are designed for handling various sections of steel.They are widely used for splitting sheet piles from stacks and for handling sheet piles in general. Each shoe is delivered with a bow shackle.

Each unit is issued with a test certificate guaranteeing performance.The safe working load (SWL) is 2.5 tonnes.The shoes should be used either in pairs on steel wire, rope or chain slings or with a spreader beam.

The weight of shoe and shackle is 7 kg.


Steel Handling Shoe


Video: Sheet Handling Shoes